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Tax Return

Married Couple's Allowance / Additional Personal Allowance


Please provide details from P60s, other than from the Limited Company we act for, recording your salary and the tax deducted, and form P11D which shows your benefits and expenses. If there are more than 3 entries on your P11D, please also fill in the P11D form in the Client Services section after submiting this Tax Return form.

Bank / Building Society Interest Paid Net of Tax

UK Dividends and Other Taxed Interest

Please supply details for all dividends, including your own company. Remember to only include your share of the dividends.

Personal Pension Payments - Payments Made Personally

Please forward details of PPP payments made. Note that we do not need details of Executive Pension Schemes.

Pensions Received

Please supply any P60s received.

Social Security Income

Please supply details of income received.

Social Security Income - Statutory Sick and Maternity Pay

Please supply details of income received.

Rental Income

Please forward details of the rents received and expenses incurred. If the income is received from letting of furnished rooms in your only (or main residence), please supply details.

Gift Aid

Please forward details of amounts paid.

Capital Gains

Please give details of any assets purchased or sold during the year. I will require the date of contracts to purchase or sell assets, the cost of purchase or sale proceeds received and details of any expenses incurred in the purchase or sale of the asset. This does not include any Company assets, main residence, motor vehicles, or assets with a value of less than £6000.

Business Income

Includes any self employed activities (not income from your Limited Company). Please supply accounts in respect of any of these activities unless we have already prepared or will be preparing accounts.

Any Other Information

Please also provide any other income or outgoings that you may think relevant in completing your Income Tax Return which may not have been mentioned above.

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